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Adam Oste paints the Australian light, capturing the bright summer sun and the fugitive, warm glow of winter along the Sydney foreshore in Kurnell National Park. A sense of immediacy permeates the works as Oste paints outdoors, en plein air, rendering the transient patterns of light and shade he sees before him. Beginning with a bright base ground of orange, red, golden yellow or bougainvillaea pink, these colours inflect the following painterly layers to conjure an intense light from within. Oste’s latest works form a modern chiaroscuro of dappled light and shade as he pushes his representations towards abstraction.

Fascinated by the mediated landscape of the National Park, Oste recounts our incursions on the land – squalls of tyre tracks wind through the sand, paths and make-shift roads are forged through the bush, rubbish is abandoned to the side, and more systematic interventions are found in the pipelines, desalination plant and abandoned sandstone quarry which form part of the nature reserve. Oste’s move toward abstracted scenes follows this slippage of space, as the reality of the landscape shifts away from its appointed meaning. Each work forms a vignette in the life of the National Park, yet in his warmth of handling, Oste allows us to share his perspective, revisit our own experiences in these mediated spaces and find beauty there.

Adam Oste is an emerging Sydney artist. Oste graduated from UNSW Art & Design with a B. Fine Arts and B. Education (Secondary) in 2016. Oste was recently a finalist in the 2017 Kilgour Prize. He has had two solo shows, Terra Laudet at Clifton School of Arts and Black Gold Gallery (2015) and Lines on the Land at Space 44 Gallery (2015).

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