Caroline Collom

Caroline Collom’s abstract paintings carve out immersive spaces to inhabit. There is an architectural quality to Collom’s intersecting colour field planes which to conjure up imagined ever-shifting rooms, just out of reach. Gauzy and translucent planes block our entry; yet Collom creates perceptions of perspectival depth in her works, inviting viewers to constantly move in and out of the pictorial field – from a space amongst the shapes, to a contemplation of the whole.

British born artist Caroline Collom now lives and works in Sydney after a number of years in Melbourne. Collom has exhibited widely and has had two solo exhibitions at Red Gallery (2015) and Five Walls Projects (2015), Melbourne. Collom holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Victorian College of Arts, Melbourne (2014) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, USA (2013). Collom received the Chapman and Bailey Graduate Award (2014) and a Melbourne Global Grant (2013).