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Caroline Collom

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Caroline Collom’s abstract paintings carve out immersive spaces for us to inhabit through unfurling layers of colour. Collom’s latest series of paintings centre on colour interplay and offer tonal shifts as delicious as a Key Lime Pie. With her designs picked-up recently by iconic Australian fashion label Gorman for their Spring/Summer 2018/19 capsule collection, she is definitely one to watch!

Collom’s compositions have an architectural quality. Her gauzy and translucent colour field planes intersect to build imagined rooms, inviting viewers to move in and out of the pictorial field – from a space amongst the shapes, to a contemplation of the whole. Hidden forms emerge through this interplay.

British born artist Caroline Collom now lives and works in Sydney after a number of years in Melbourne. She has exhibited widely and has had three solo exhibitions at Tripp Gallery in London (2018), Red Gallery (2015) and Five Walls Projects (2015) in Melbourne. Collom holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Victorian College of Arts, Melbourne (2014) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, USA (2013). Collom received the Chapman and Bailey Graduate Award (2014) and a Melbourne Global Grant (2013). Collom was selected as a Gorman Collaborative Artist for the Spring/Summer 2018/19 capsule collection.

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