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Celia Gullett

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Celia Gullett creates ever-shifting compositions on an intimate scale. These geometric forms slide in and out of focus, carving-out unfurling spaces for thought.

Gullett seeks to create spaces for contemplation, and she pulls on Fra Angelico's 15th century small frecoes, painted for the monks' personal prayer in their living quarters at the Convento di San Marco in Florence. Gullett echoes the texture of fresco through her thin application of oils and wax, lending her paintings a warm and translucent light.

In the shifting geometry of her compositions, Gullett is conscious of both the physical surface of the work and the possible receding depths depicted. Within this intimacy of scale, Gullett reaches the sublime. 

Celia Gullett is an established Sydney-based artist. Gullett has exhibited with Tim Olsen Gallery, Nanda Hobbs, Small Spaces, Art Equity & Hill Smith Gallery. Gullett has a strong following among collectors, and an early Geometric Abstraction from 2016 recently sold at auction for more than twice the purchase amount. Gullett is a graduate of East Sydney Tech (the National Art School) and COFA (Art and Design, UNSW). She later returned to teach at both institutions, and in 2005 she founded a painting school in Annandale where she teaches historic techniques and the principles of oil painting. She has been a finalist in the Mosman Art Prize (2002, 2011, 2012, 2016), Fleurieu (2011) and the Paddington Art Prize (2010).

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