Douglas Schofield

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Douglas Schofield’s paintings and etchings map his inquiry into the definition of Nature in the Anthropocene epoch. Schofield creates en plein air sketches which inform larger abstract pieces that he completes in the studio. His bright gestural works playfully consider the place of gardening, farming, horticulture and indoor plants in the “natural world”. His paintings rarely refer to specific places, instead presenting an amalgamation of memories to convey a feeling or atmosphere of Nature.

Schofield holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) student from UNSW Art & Design. He has held two solo exhibitions, Garden Making at Scratch Art Space (2018) and A trail of Petals and Dirt at Kudos Gallery (2017). He has participated in groups shows at AirSpace Projects, Articulate Project Space, Goodspace, Collab at Pine Street, Sawtooth Gallery and 107 Projects.

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