Jade Sibinovski

Jade Sibinovski uses pure colour as the foundation of expression in her works. Sibinovski blurs the boundaries of painting, collage and sculpture. Each element of her collaged assemblages is painted; the subtle textures of acrylic and enamel become apparent in-person, up-close. Sibinovski is interested in the expressive potential of colour and form, and seeks out patterns in the abstract. Forms and figures coalesce in her works, and possible imagined worlds are fostered further through titles such as After all this Time and Your Loft, My Acid. 

Each collage is a marriage of chance and deliberation, as inadvertent arrangements are revealed during the process of cutting, to bring fragments of Sibinovski’s subconscious to the fore. For Sibinovski, her collages ‘are like characters from the realms of the unreal having a little cocktail party in the present.’

Jade Sibinovski is a Sydney-based artist. Sibinovski graduated with honours in painting from the National Art School in 2016. She has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions across Sydney, including shows at the Rayner Hoff Studio (2015) and St Cloche Gallery (2016). Sibinovski was featured in the 2016 BEAMS Arts Festival, Chippendale.


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