Lilli Stromland

Lilli Stromland’s lush garden paintings explore what the eye sees through intimate and enclosed compositions. Stromland offers us a glimpse of her gaze and individual experience through these singular perspectives. The negation of optical depth unfurls moments of introspective reverie; of time lost in thought amongst the pleasures of the garden.

Stromland’s plants are burgeoning with new growth – saplings sprout new leaves and reach out across tables, up fences and through the Drying Rack with the promise of abundant life, lovingly fostered.

Lilli Stromland graduated from the National Art School with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) in 2015. She was a Highly Commended Finalist in the Mosman Youth Art Prize (Tertiary) in 2016, the Australian representative for the Miradas International Art Prize (Spain, 2016), a Semi-Finalist in the Douglas Moran Portrait Prize in 2014 and a Finalist in Art Express 2013.