Lotte Alexis Smith

Lotte Alexis Smith’s artworks are surrealist vignettes of contemporary life. Smith’s latest series of works, created especially for Collab, continue her inquiry into love and longing.

Smith’s works delve into the push and pull between solitude and companionship that can be felt in this digital age of connectedness, and within the buzz and fervour of city life. Smith explores our collective experiences as her monumental figures move through cityscapes, at once engrossed in their world and set apart.

Smith uses watercolour pencils to lend her drawings a powdery, pigmented effect. Each drawing is begun quickly, with few preliminary sketches, as an idea or image comes to mind. Beginning with block colours, she builds up multiple layers to create diffused colour harmonies, sometimes using soft pastels and oil pastel pencils to outline forms. The colour combinations sing vibrantly.

Hints of early 20th century rounded forms recall Australian artist Ethel Spowers and British painters William Roberts and Stanley Spencer, Whilst works such as Do they know?, Capture the moment and Water and sun bring to mind cinematic scenes from film noir and sci-fi genres. Smith cites manga and Studio Ghibli as strong influences, along with the dreamlike illustrations of Shaun Tan and stark images of John Brack.     

Alongside her studio practice, Smith is a sought-after street artist. Her works can be seen gracing walls in Australia, England and Norway. Smith graduated from the National Art School in 2015 with Honours in Printmaking. She has exhibited widely, including solo shows in Sydney at Goodspace, and in Melbourne at Tinning Street. Smith is an active member of the women’s creative collective Stayfly Sydney, exploring Sydney’s potential as a canvas.

Please contact Collab's Co-Directors if you would like to purchase an artwork, discuss a payment plan or have any inquiries:

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