The Long Mirror


Join Nena Salobir for the latest incarnation of her participatory drawing project at Collab, 26-30 April.

“There was something very special about sitting with a stranger and looking, being with, and drawing what I saw in the moment. I’m not so much a technical drawer, so feel I didn’t do [it] justice but it was a very moving experience on an emotional level. Thank you for seeing me and for capturing me in that moment.” – SHELLEY TANSLEY, Sitting No. 218

Nena Salobir holds up a mirror to society and many reflections shine back. Salobir invites visitors to draw her portrait while she draws them. The Long Mirror brings together hundreds of portraits made by Salobir, presented in tandem alongside the images of her made by her subjects. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to become part of the project, as the artist will be present in the gallery space throughout the week. Participants can sit opposite Salobir to have their portrait drawn while they also sketch the artist in return. The project encourages us to engage in creating art in an intimate setting, whether it has been days or decades since you last picked up a pen to draw. 

The exhibition is the culmination of Salobir’s portrait project so far. The Long Mirror presents a large-scale installation and will be an extended participatory performance event with the artist present at Collab for the full five days. Through the intimacy of looking with pen in hand, Salobir seeks to understand her sitters and gain a glimpse of her true self through their eyes. Over 600 portraits of Salobir and her sitters have been created to date. These form an amorphous, ever-shifting ‘self-portrait’ in society.

Wednesday 26th April 6-9pm

Thursday 27th April 12-5pm
Friday 28th April 12-5pm
Saturday 29th April 12-5pm

Sunday 30th April 12-5pm


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