Valentina Schulte

Valentina Schulte’s practice is inspired by the beauty of the alpine landscape. In an age concerned  human impact on the environment, Schulte draws our attention back to the sublime power of natural forces. Our Silent Guardians and I am the space where I am reimagines mountainscapes to create a wholly new global landscape and bring focus to the intrinsically beautiful details depicted in each image of the various mountain peaks. Everywhere and nowhere at once and In a state of impermanence forms part of a series titled The evidential testimony of time. These reconstructed and assembled landscapes focus on natural earth changes such as glaciers, tectonic movements and erosion. This series is also inspired by the additivity principle; where the sum of the of a bisected shape, rearranged, will result in the same area total. Under this concept the work becomes a visual metaphor for the malleable and changing landscape.

Since completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts (First Class Honours) from UNSW Art and Design (COFA) Schulte has participted in the Ravenwood Australian Women’s Art Prize (2017), CLIP Award, Perth Centre for Photography (2016, 2017 overall winner), Fishers Ghost Award, Campbelltown Art Centre (2016) and the Churchie Emerging Art Exhibition, Brisbane (2005).