Bradlee Wiseman

 Bradlee Wiseman,  That doesn't sit right,   still a little confused,  2017, acrylic, aerosol and oil pastel on canvas, 60 x 76cm

Bradlee Wiseman, That doesn't sit right, still a little confused, 2017, acrylic, aerosol and oil pastel on canvas, 60 x 76cm

Bradlee Wiseman exhibited a series of paintings on canvas and perspex in the group show Shapeshifters (28 June - 8 July 2017) at Collab.

Exhibition Text:

Bradlee Wiseman creates expressive, layered compositions; channeling complex emotions through built-up fields of colour and mark-making. These thought processes are hinted at in the playful, conversational titles of his works, which seek out an interlocutor for repartee.

Wiseman’s compositions of bright, melding and distinct colour planes are concerned with surface and an ever-increasing newness, as each layer comes to the fore. Within these works a proliferation of stimuli encapsulates a contemporary experience of modern life. Calmness is found in a melding of colours which seem to sing together – celadon green and cornflower blue, oranges and blush pinks, indigo and violet – and in tracks which reveal the colour fields beneath. Wiseman’s expressive abstractions seemingly encapsulate something of the essence of our time, and of being young today in Sydney.

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