Image: Francesca Zak,  Craigslist Ad,  2017, Solvent transfer, polyester, wood, 120x85x9cm

Image: Francesca Zak, Craigslist Ad, 2017, Solvent transfer, polyester, wood, 120x85x9cm


13-30 September
Opening Wednesday 13 September, 6-8.30pm

Jack Banduch / Troy Donaghy / Lyn Heazlewood / Henry Holder / Emily Walder / Siena White / Jo Wilson & Chanelle Collier / Francesca Zak

Tender is a composed conversation about the subtleties and nuances that inhabit the work of the participating artists. Each artist is driven by their individual interrogations into subject and matter, however, what acts as a binding medium for this group is the non-didactic, self reflexive attitude towards art making. The work is a reflection of the individual's way of interpreting information; for most, the audience is not a driving force but a mere repercussion of making and exhibiting.

The Artists form their own position within time and space, and through the lense of ‘Psychological Androgyny’ they yield an unrelenting drive to express both emotion and opinion, with strength and sensitivity. The artists do not apologise or seek praise for bearing genuine representations of their thoughts. They are able to create work in a manner which does not seek to satisfy the audience, instead they are proudly ambivalent to the viewer, and in turn emancipate themselves from expectation.

Curated by Skelton&Conway



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